(whois) James Porteous


James Porteous is an author, writer, archivist and visual researcher.

He lives in Toronto, Canada.

Media work:

Al Jazeera English

Washington, DC and Doha, Qatar

visual researcher, archivist, set up digital film library

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Associate Producer, librarian, archivist, visual researcher

Writing:  Fiction

light blue american ford

Cal Fitzroy, an old-school TV guy, loses his wife and his job and then, quite accidentally, ends up in Doha, Qatar. It is not long before Cal runs afoul of their kafala system and soon discovers he is facing yet-another unfathomable choice: Should he starve in Doha or join the rebels in their fight for freedom in the hills of an unknown Middle Eastern country.

The Last Record Album

Bo Carter has stories to tell. He once shared a cup of coffee with Bob Dylan. His band opened for The Kinks. He has even had a moderate hit or two. He is a self-proclaimed two-hit-wonder. But that was a long time ago. Bo knows his days on The Road are numbered, but he is not quite ready to hang up his rock ‘n’ roll shoes. He has one more album in him. He just knows it.

The High Rez

The Confederacy of Dunces meets Catch-22? JM Mohawk was living the life of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll on the High Rez. But things went south when he tried to go south. Now JM is lost in America. Good and lost. He just wants to get back to Canada, but first he’ll have to survive an ‘extraordinary rendition’ to a prison at Guantanamo Cuba.

Writing: Non-Fiction (Sampling)


Sole Editor and Writer of bi-weekly newsletter dealing with Canadian Internet industry.


Writer of weekly syndicated column of Website reviews for AlterNet. Appeared online and also in 10 US newspapers. Sites reviewed included those relating to politics, arts, music, travel, literature and more.

El Rancho de Weblo

Editor of weekly listserv featuring Internet news and reviews that excite the imagination.

Yahoo Internet Life

Regular contributor of Web site reviews and articles for this monthly US publication.


Editor and writer of a bi-weekly Music and Video newsletters writing music reviews, concert reviews and bios on artists.

MultiMediator: Canadian New Media Awards

Wrote extensive Website copy, including 53 biographies of CNMA winners

NetSurfer Digest

Writer of Website reviews for this weekly, online US publication.

Cyber Scene

Writer of a weekly Column entitled Online Insight appeared in the Thunder Bay Journal Chronicle, Winnipeg Free Press and papers in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Kenora and others. Published by Thomson New Media

Web Guide Magazine

Category Reviewer for this bi-monthly magazine. Wrote feature articles and Website reviews. Subjects covered have included: children’s writing, documentary film sites, foreign films, space exploration, music, international television, newswire services and more. Features:  Internet resources for professionals, including medical, scientific, librarians and more.;

Big Picture Magazine

Published by Rogers Communications with a circulation of 1.5 Million. Wrote and researched feature articles, including Getting Organized Online 

NBNews Journal

Daily Internet journal with circulation of 3500 journalists and others world-wide. Wrote approximately 3 reviews per day or 100 per month.


Site Reviewer daily Internet journal with circulation of 1500 world-wide for two years. I wrote approximately three to five web sites reviews per day; areas of interest covered included: news and news organizations, reference sites, organizations, entertainment and more.

What’s New On the Web

Contributing Reviewer Book: What’s New on the Web. I wrote over 500 full-length reviews over two years


Contributing Reviewer – Book I wrote over 300 website reviews for Cyberhound, Gale Publishing (US)

Writing: Staff Positions

The Canadian Review

Associate Editor, E. Graydon Carter, Editor. 1980-1983. Assisted in planning of national general-interest magazine and wrote all music and entertainment features, columns and reviews

Record Week

Country Music Editor, 1980-1981. Staff-reviewer and writer

Playlist Magazine

Editor. Wrote all copy, including reviews, articles and editorials, and sold all space. Featured as a five-to-ten page monthly supplement to Broadcaster Magazine, published by Northern Miner

Other Writing & Media (Sample) Canadian Stereo Guide

AudioScene Magazine

Wrote music and concert reviews

Web Guide Magazine

Professional Resources on the Internet March/April 98

Sympatico NetLife

Music Online, December 1998 issue Relay One


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